Sabre Trucks Forged Precision Truck (Single truck)


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The world's first fully forged longboard truck is here! The Sabre Forged Precision is our premium downhill and race offering. Featuring a Cold Forged 6061-T6 Baseplate and hanger, this truck is packed with features, it's ultra light and super durable. The open bushing seat, drop-up baseplate option, geometry, raked/rakeless design and lightweight construction are the result of many hours of skate, design, test, rethink, reskate, redesign and retest. These trucks have been over 80MPH and held aloft on many podiums across the world.

This truck is unique in that it is available not only in different widths, but also two different rakes. The 190mm version is rakeless, and the 180mm and 170mm versions have 3mm of rake, which means you can also flip the hanger to produce 3mm of negative rake if that's your deal. You can essentially choose between a more lively, divey ride on the 170mm and 180mm hanger for techncal courses with sharp corners, or a flatter, more “racecar like” feel on the 190mm for better tracking through sweepers. Read more about rake and its effect here.

These trucks come as standard with our UK poured bushings and long-lasting pivot cups. Low, light, strong and fast - if you want stability, reaction and race winning performance, you will find it here.

All trucks sold individually.

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