Lush Longboards Machine 3D


The Machine 3d is the latest update of the classic Lush Machine! Honed to perfection by the team (especially Jooz) over the the last year, it's a perfect freeride/DH/do-everything deck. You can air a ramp, ollie some stairs, dodge some traffic and bomb a hill all in one day. Don't be fooled by the simple appearance... through many re-shapes and revisions we have finally got the rail profile to workin tandem with the concave to give us the perfect foot-feel we wanted.

If you're buying this board Deck Only, we'll ship it ungripped. If you need some griptape, just add 4ft of either Coarse or Regular Griptape to your cart when you buy, and we'll grip it for you. We recommend Extra Coarse Grip Tape for this deck as it's a DH/Freeride deck - you want your feet to stay locked on to your deck!

Pro Complete Spec:

Sabre Standard 180mm Trucks with Sabre bushings and Pivot Cups
Cult Classic 66mm wheels
Sabre ABEC 7 bearings and bearing spacers
Sabre Hardware
Coarse Grip Tape

If you would like a custom setup, please get in touch and we will make it happen!

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